About EVE-Skillplan.net

My name is Legedric Striker (well at least in EVE that is) and I always wondered why noone built an online EVE Skillplanner yet.
As I am much better at building web applications than flying space ships I just started to develop this platform for other EVE players.

Of course some of you may want to say: "But why? There is EVEMon!" and that's correct, EVEMon is a great software.
But there are places where you cannot install or use EVEMon at all and most of the mobile apps out there lack at least some sort of features in general, especially if you want to have access to your skill plans on multiple devices across different platforms.

I wanted to built a tool that's completely platform independent.
No matter if you want to plan your skill training on an Apple device, Unix machine or any other device being capable of displaying this website: You can do it!

In addition, you can switch back and forth between your devices and you will always have your personal skill plans at hand, no matter where you are. No need to backup or import/export your stuff for every switch you want to make from your PC to your tablet or smartphone.
And you may still use other tools if you want to! There is even an import and export functionality for example for EVEMon built into EVE-Skillplan.net - feel free to use it anytime.

If you have any suggestions about this platform in general or features we should add, just send and EVE Mail to Legedric Striker.


  • Responsive design - easy access from computer, tablet and smartphone
  • Export plans to your EVE in game skill queue
  • Share your skill plans with friends and corp mates
  • Manage as many skill plans as you like for each character
  • Simulate implants for skill plans individually
  • Detailed ship and progress overview by faction
  • Get optional email notifications when your skill queue is about to run out

Complete Feature List

  • Manage several ESI SSO tokens for any amount of character
  • Lightweight ESI scope - we only look at what we really need
  • Training overview for all characters
  • Information about current training queue and trained skills for each character
  • Plan skills for any period of time
  • Drag and drop sortation feature in all skill plans
  • Import/Export EVEMon skill plans (XML)
  • Import required skills from fitting codes (like EFT)
  • Detailed skill browser to add skills including all prerequisites to a plan
  • Add remapping points and optimize remaps to your skill plan needs