EVE-Skillplan.net - FAQ

EVE-Skillplan.net is a platform independent tool to create and maintain skill plans for the online game EVE Online by CCP.
My EVE name is Legedric Striker and I am running this project on my own and developing it in my spare time as I am a passionate EVE player myself.
I have more than 10 years of experience in working as a professional software developer and so I am able to use this occupation to provide a hopefully useful service for other EVE players with this private project.
You only need a device capable of displaying internet websites using up-to-date standards, regardless of operating system or platform technology.
Feel free to register using a username and password of your choice. The platform is free to use and the information you have to provide to use this platform is very limited.
If an account did not log in to EVE-Skillplan.net for more than 90 days all your ESI SSO tokens will get deactivated for future API updates to decrease the platform's API update times.
As soon as you log in again, the keys will get activated and your tokens will be used to pull updates from EVE's API.
You can support this project in multiple ways, please click here for details.
There is no limitation for how many tokens or characters you can use. Just go ahead and add as much as you like.
The current average time needed for API updates is 1m, 11s for a total of 603 SSO tokens.
Our maintenance drones are working very hard to get all the work done but it may take some time for your capsuleers to show up on the platform.
If you do not see your characters after more than 1 hour, please write me an EVE mail (to Legedric Striker) and I will investigate the issue.
If you decide to delete a character, all its data (skill queue, skill plans, settings etc.) will be deleted.
Just go to "Manage Characters", click the small portrait of your character and go to "settings" to unhide it again.
EVE-Skillplan.net is checking for API updates every 1 minutes. However, EVE's API has its own cache mechanism and does not deliver updated information on demand everytime. For example a character's skill queue is being cached by EVE's API for 30 to 60 minutes. So although we are running API updates every 1 minutes, the skill queue won't update until the cache session ran out.
No, the API updates are run automatically by our system regardless of your login status.
There is no limitation. If you want to create a skill plan for whatever purpose you may think of, go ahead. Do it.
I did not test how many skills the platform is able to handle within a single skill plan. The maximum I used myself is around 200 skills in a single plan running for over three years of skill training.
Please keep in mind the longer your plan will get, the more trouble you may have sorting your skills using drag & drop.
Yes, just use one of your existing characters, create a plan and select "Use an empty character" and "Save" to simulate this plan with a fresh character that has literally no skills.
Go to a skill plan of your choice and select "Skill plan is public" and "Save" your plan. You will see a new box "Public link" on the right hand side containing a public link to your skill plan ready to share with whoever has got the link.
Only relevant details about your skill plan are visible like the skills, total training time and basic attributes. Details about your character (name, trained skills, implants etc.) will not be visible.